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İzmir Democracy University, İzmir, Turkey, November 13-15, 2020

As we are witnessing a globalizing urbanization practice in our world, the effects of environmental problems caused by the changing production-consumption models and life styles have begun to be felt significantly. Particular consequences such as the climate change, biodiversity and habitat loss have also influenced social life substantially, and the ecological and social fragilities have become more visible. Familiar to the history of humanity, but external to our daily routines, the epidemic period that we started experiencing very recently is actually a phase that we can practice very frequently in the near future, especially in the context of climate change, and thus it stands as a phase that we need to learn to live with. All these experiences highlight the necessity of reconsidering and evaluating the planning and design actions at different scales. As a result of this situation; there is an obligation to produce, design and implement new scenarios varied by different professional disciplines that develop predictions on space, society and settlements. In other words, the necessity of going beyond time and designing beforehand comes to the fore in the alliance of expertise areas that define life; such as urban planning, geography, architecture, landscape architecture, product design, other space and design disciplines, and even ecology and social science.

The purpose of this symposium, which will be organized with the perspective indicated above, is to examine the change and transformation caused by the interventions of humanity on the earth throughout history in all kinds of settlement scales and forms, and to have expert discussions on the proposals and examinations of possible habitats that can be a guide for future generations. Also, the symposium aims to bring out the vision of the future by dealing with the concepts of planning and design in different scales and disciplines and to bring up how the concept of the future can be reformed with a design focus.

By the end of the symposium;

– Rethinking the concepts of place, settlement and city,

– Discussing the timelessness of the act of design with experiences,

– Retalking the theory that becomes insuffient in explaining today and invalid in predicting the future,

are the main goals to be achieved.

Set out with these purposes, the symposium themed as “FUTURE OF PLANNING AND DESIGN, PLANNING AND DESIGN OF FUTURE”; will take place between November 13- 15, 2020 online, hosted by İZMİR DEMOCRACY UNIVERSITY; and is open to professionals, researchers and students with common concerns about the subject.


– Theory and Practice
– Natural – Cultural Environment, People and Society
– Law, Politics, Actors and Governance
– Contemporary Approaches and Methods
– Climate, Ecology and Sustainability
– Disaster and Migration
– Protection, Memory, Heritage and Transformation
– Education and Digitalization

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