Call for Papers


Metamorphosis in environment, planning and design

İzmir Democracy University, Faculty of Architecture, Turkey, November 26-28, 2021

We understand that the carrying capacity of the world, which was able to tolerate the pressures of mankind by renewing itself until the beginning of the 2000s, has been exceeded, with the regional, national and global problems we have observed one after the other. In addition to global problems such as the global climate crisis and the decline of biodiversity, continental forest fires and the regional mucilage problem pointing to the collapse of the seas give important messages. In the last year, life has started to be reconstructed in many areas with the addition of the pandemic, which is a familiar fact for history but an unexperienced reality for people who are stakeholders of life. While this situation expresses an endlessly rapid process of change and metamorphosis for both humans and the earth, it also shows us that the planning and design perspectives need to be differentiated. Under all these conditions, the International Spatial Planning and Design Symposium, which wants to deal with the planning and design disciplines that face complex research and application problems within the framework of humanity, life and nature, will be organized (*) by Izmir Democracy University Faculty of Architecture on 26-28 November 2021. We will be happy if you contribute with your scientific knowledge and experience to our meeting, where we aim to determine the limits or discuss the limitlessness of metamorphosis in the context of planning and design within the framework of the following general headings.

(*) The symposium is planned to be held face-to-face on the main campus of Izmir Democracy University. According to the pandemic conditions, it will be possible to do it online or mixed.


– Theory and Practice

– Natural – Cultural Environment, People and Society

– Law, Politics, Actors and Governance

– Contemporary Approaches and Methods

– Climate, Ecology and Sustainability

– Disaster and Migration

– Protection, Memory, Heritage and Transformation

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